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We keep you connected to your confidence, creativity and wellbeing.

Mental health services and workshops tailored especially to those in the performing arts and creative industries.

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Creativity is a superpower… let me help you maximise your capacity.


Working and studying in the performing arts can be a tough gig; luckily our counselling, mindset coaching and workshops are designed to improve your wellbeing and resilience so you don’t miss out on the spotlight. We pride ourselves on being industry relevant and evidence based, so that you can stay on top of the mental health game and hit your goals.

Need to get back on track, we have just the right support for you


Counselling- Good mental health allows you to handle the ups and downs of a competitive industry, cope with stress and deal with change. Our aim is to help you know your strengths and improve your wellbeing on and off the stage.


Mindset Coaching- A growth mindset allows you to explore new ideas and take informed risks around your goals. 

Our aim is to help shift the way you think, feel and behave so you can achieve success on the goals you choose.


Student Coaching- Training as a performing arts student can be challenging and demanding, but also a rewarding and enriching experience. Our aim is to help you develop valuable skills so you can know your full potential.

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The Teacher’s Toolkit- Poor mental health makes it difficult for students to concentrate, stay motivated, work as a team and perform. The Teacher’s toolkit is a collection of psycho education training that teachers can rely on to increase best practices and student mental health management. 


Rewire-Repair +Reboot- Confidence, self care and motivation are important factors that will add to the wellbeing and success of your students. Our 3 part workshop series will enhance community resilience, strengthen relationships in your studio and boost performance to a higher level.


The Resilience Training Program (RTP)- Resilience training refers to developing a mindset that can recover from challenges or adversity. Dance athletes need to constantly adapt to change, manage stress, and overcome difficult decisions in order to achieve a higher level of success.

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Here are some of the great organisations we work with…

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What people say…

“The best coach and counsellor for performers and dancers.

Will is able to provide knowledge and tools to help performers through the challenges they will face in their training and careers. Excellent service, very friendly and compassionate and always puts in a good amount of effort for his clients.”

Ashley, Professional Dancer

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