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Therapeutic Approaches


A solution-focused approach aims at finding resolutions for challenging circumstances. It places an importance on managing current situations rather than focusing on past experiences. This form of collaboration aims at offering support, whilst exploring the skills, resources and abilities needed to achieve successful outcomes.


A narrative therapy approach aims at understanding the client's experiences as stories that can be viewed as separate from the person. It works by using creativity to deconstruct perspectives, enabling the individual to author new narratives. This form of collaboration uses creative skills to address dominant thought patterns.



An acceptance and commitment approach uses mindfulness strategies to increase psychological flexibility during the presence of challenging circumstances. It invites clients to open up to the existence of difficult feelings and how they may be able to implement workability. This form of collaboration encourages client to manage emotions rather than avoiding them.


A person-centred approach aims to take the time needed to embrace the client's full experience. It places an emphasis on allowing clients to go through a journey of self discovery.This form of collaboration partners with individuals in their own process of healing and growth.


A positive psychology approach aims at encouraging clients towards optimal functioning. It works with strengths and virtues and enables individuals to focus on what makes their lives flourish. This form of collaboration guides clients towards discovering feelings of optimism, happiness & well-being.

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